Easy Reading for Kids

Easy reading materials for younger children. Suitable for Grades 1 through 2. This material can also be used to teach your child to read. These materials are suitable ESL -- a great way to improve your English quickly.

Have You Seen the Cuckoo Bird?

Have you seen the cuckoo bird With raven-coloured wing? Although I haven't seen one yet I've often heard her sing.The cuckoo on our champak tree Is hidden from our sight Because the leaves are thick and close But how she sings at night!'Cuckoo... cuckoo' says the bird 'I may be dark,...

Five Little Chickens

Said the first little chicken, With a queer little squirm, "Oh, I wish I could find A fat little worm!"Said the next little chicken, With an odd little shrug, "Oh, I wish I could find A fat little bug!"Said the third little chicken, With a sharp little squeal,"Oh, I wish I...

A Smile

Let others cheer the winning man, There's one I hold worthwhile; 'Tis he who does the best he can, Then loses with a smile.Beaten he is, but not to stay Down with the rank and file; That man will win some other day, Who loses with a smile

If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking

If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain;If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one robin Unto his nest again,I shall not live in vain.

My Puppy

Wuff! Wuff! Wuff! My little puppy barks You won't believe it, she's afraid of the dark She jumps about her ears go flapping She comes to me when she hears me clapping

The Lily Pool

We have a little lily pool With lilies pink and white And though they look so fresh by day They mostly bloom at nightThe leaves are round and dusky green With an edge that often curls And when there's water on the leaves They look like drops of pearlsCome and...

The Three Kittens

The white cat said, 'I'm fair as snow' The black cat said, 'I shine!' The tabby said, 'well, that's alright But the bowl of cream is MINE!'The black cat said, 'I'm warm as wool' The white said, 'I'm like silk!' The tabby said, 'say what you will, I'm off to...

Take me Too

Oh camel with a humpy back Do take me for a ride You're so strong! For don't you cross The sandy desert wide?Take me too when you go next For I would love to see The desert and an oasis Which are unknown to me!