Poems for Kids

Poetry for children: Our large assortment of poems for children include evergreen classics as well as new poems on a variety of themes. You will find original juvenile poetry about trees, animals, parties, school, friendship and many more subjects. We have short poems, long poems, funny poems, inspirational poems, poems about environment, poems you can recite

The Plant at the Crossing

At a crowded crossing I saw a brave new recruit to stem the environmental rotA tiny young plant transplanted in a metal cage took the exhaust of buses, trucks, cars and scooters full blastThe rate of wilting will indicate pollution levels said a municipal official with a satisfied smileTesting death on a plant is so much better In fact a “no-cost”...

Kappu wants to Draw

Pencil, paper, crayons and pen Get them all to Kappu's den Spread the paper on the floor For little maharaj wants to draw.Two lines here and four lines there Zig-zig patterns and a circle in pairs Kappu scribbled on all the sheets Till it was time for him to sleep.

Summer fan

The fan turns slow On a hot airless night Like a bird without wings That has forgotten to fly.I look closely What a surprise! There are beads of sweat On the fan blades as well.The cooler and the cooled Are in the same state It’s going to be a tough summer At this...

A Cat’s Nightmare

The cat woke up with a beating heartShe had just had a terrible nightmare.A little rat had pulled her whiskers and called her ‘Friend Cat!’

The Crow’s Lunch

The crow sat on the tree Waiting for lunchWhat would it be? Rice, roti - or earthworm?Lunch was none of these The family was on a fastDisgusted, the crow swooped down If not curry, maybe a bland earthworm?But the worms weren’t there The crow...

Roadside Locksmith

The locksmith sits on the roadside with his waresA tilted black umbrella blocks the sun’s glareA mountain of master keys heaped on the groundSome dull, some old Some rusty, some goldThe locksmith has the answer to every locked door That can’t be opened because the key’s not thereAnd if you have...

Little Blue Daisies

Little blue daisiesin my flowerbed First came the ladybird red red red Fly away ladybird said the daisy blue Poor little ladybird flew flew flewThen came the grasshopper green green green He hid in the leaves not to be seen Hop away grasshopper, said the daisy blue Poor little grasshopper Went hop, hop hopThird came the...

Kappu goes to the Zoo

Kappu maharaj, where are you going? Zoo! What will you see there? Bear! But how will you go? Car! And, may I ask with who? You!

Message in the bottle

I watched the tide From my little house by the seaside I didn't have to wait long to find what the waves had brought alonga bottle with a message in it, it looked like a message, at least I ran to pick up the bottle And took out from it a coiled...

Haroo, the Croc

Here's a lazy crocodile Snoozing on the bank He is quick at catching prey So do keep off his tank!His skin is rough, his teeth so sharp And he is moody too So don't annoy or throw him stones And take care what you do!