Poems for Kids

Poetry for children: Our large assortment of poems for children include evergreen classics as well as new poems on a variety of themes. You will find original juvenile poetry about trees, animals, parties, school, friendship and many more subjects. We have short poems, long poems, funny poems, inspirational poems, poems about environment, poems you can recite

Rip my Puppy

Rip my puppy is so smart He loves a bounce-y ball I love to see him run and jump And rush back at my call! I miss him so when I'm at school And Rip is far away He jumps with joy when I return And we rush off to play.

Kappu Tries Hard

Kappu Maharaj, wake up fast The morning birds are chirping sweet "Unnn..nn..unn" said Kappu In a voice full of sleep Little Kappu sat on his pot But did not manage a single dot. When his mother asked "Are you done?" Kappu flashed a smile at once

Tiger King

Oh tiger, you're so regal Majestic and tall With your bright and stripe-y coat You look the king of all! Oh tiger, you're so handsome Your cubs are lovely too They say, the cat's an aunt of yours- Do tell me, is this true?

The Spider on the Wall

Spider, spider on the wall Some are big and some are small In their web they quietly lie And pounce upon the moving fly!

Work while You Work

Work while you work,   Play while you play;   One thing each time,   All that you do,   Do with your might;   Things done by halves   Are not done right  

The Wonder Elephants

Ramu plays at football While Shyamu rings the bell They make the circus lively - We clap our hands and yell! Ramu is so clever And Shyamu is so free They're the wonder elephants Whom people come to see.

The Shop at the Corner

Butter and bread, Needle and thread; Sweets and candy, Yellow and red. Ice-creams, chocolates, Bells that ring; Music - which you'd Love to sing. Books and biscuits, Dolls and toys; I keep them all, For girls and boys!

Swinging Monkey

Look up there And you will see The monkeys swinging From the tree I like the way They jump and flee - Now, do they want Some nuts from me?

Little Chick

My name is Little Chick and I’m a chic chick For I know every trick to catch a worm quick! This morning I caught a worm It had a lot of charm Now I am confused - Do I eat it or not!

The White Flowers

I love the snow-white jasmines I love the tube rose too   The champaks are so lovely I'll share them all with you! They do not boast of colours They are not bright to see   But they fill the place with fragrance And bloom for you and me!


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