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Short Poems for Kids

A collection of short poems for children. Suitable for young children or those learning English as a second language.

The Cat and the Cartoon

The mouse in the movie came out of the hole The cat watching the TV gave a low growl There were no more mice in the house She had seen to that Cartoons are so cruel, the tabby thought Why should they make me dream of the meals I no more...

The Fleeting Deer

The deer runs fast With nimble feet By lucky chance You may just meet!Sweet deer, do pause Beneath the tree- Won't you please Make friends with me? 

Kappu’s Evening Stroll

Kappu maharaj sat in his pram, With a bottle full of jam. All set to go to the park, He chuckled when he heard Buzo bark.Mama pushed his pram, and alongside Buzo ran. When it became dark, They came back from the park.

Dog Dream

The dog was spread out like a mat on the floorHis tongue hanging out for water chilled and coolDreaming of icy lands Made his mouth waterThe fly swooped down and made away with the drop!The dog’s learnt his lesson He’s become a smart guyHe dreams lovely dreams With his mouth...

Fluff, the Cat

Fluff, the cat is my own pet She's cuddle-y and so soft She loves to feast on fish and milk And snooze upon the loft.Fluff is bright and really smart And so alert all day When she prowls around the house The mice just run away!

Over in the Meadow

Over in the meadow, In the sand, in the sun, Lived an old mother toad And her little toadie one."Wink," said the mother; "I wink," said the one; So she winked and blinked In the sand, in the sun.Over in the meadow, Where the stream runs blue, Lived an old mother fish And...

Rip my Puppy

Rip my puppy is so smart He loves a bounce-y ball I love to see him run and jump And rush back at my call!I miss him so when I'm at school And Rip is far away He jumps with joy when I return And we rush off to play.

Kappu Tries Hard

Kappu Maharaj, wake up fast The morning birds are chirping sweet "Unnn..nn..unn" said Kappu In a voice full of sleepLittle Kappu sat on his pot But did not manage a single dot. When his mother asked "Are you done?" Kappu flashed a smile at once

Tiger King

Oh tiger, you're so regal Majestic and tall With your bright and stripe-y coat You look the king of all!Oh tiger, you're so handsome Your cubs are lovely too They say, the cat's an aunt of yours- Do tell me, is this true?

Work while You Work

Work while you work, Play while you play; One thing each time, All that you do, Do with your might; Things done by halves Are not done right 


Why can’t the Sun melt Snow?

There are some things in nature that have a great capacity to toss back or reflect a great deal of the sun’s light that...

What is Ham Radio?

Consider this, your state has been hit by a cyclone with wind speeds measuring 300 kilometres per hour. All modern means of communication -...

How do Satellites Stay Up?

Satellites orbit the earth because of the force of gravity. To understand why this happens and why the satellite does not get pulled in...

How does a Submarine Work?

Jules Verne in his science fiction, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, mentions a ship, Nautilus, which could dive beneath the waves and...

Flower on the Road

Spring has come, said the bougainvillea Crimson, orange, cream and yellow Making a flower wall along the road I bring happiness to all. Wait, said the little flower on the edge of the kerb I,...