Short Poems for Kids

A collection of short poems for children. Suitable for young children or those learning English as a second language.

The Wonder Elephants

Ramu plays at football While Shyamu rings the bell They make the circus lively - We clap our hands and yell!Ramu is so clever And Shyamu is so free They're the wonder elephants Whom people come to see.

The Shop at the Corner

Butter and bread, Needle and thread; Sweets and candy, Yellow and red.Ice-creams, chocolates, Bells that ring; Music - which you'd Love to sing.Books and biscuits, Dolls and toys; I keep them all, For girls and boys!

Swinging Monkey

Look up there And you will see The monkeys swinging From the treeI like the way They jump and flee - Now, do they want Some nuts from me?

Little Chick

My name is Little Chick and I’m a chic chick For I know every trick to catch a worm quick!This morning I caught a worm It had a lot of charm Now I am confused - Do I eat it or not!

The White Flowers

I love the snow-white jasmines I love the tube rose too The champaks are so lovely I'll share them all with you!They do not boast of colours They are not bright to see But they fill the place with fragrance And bloom for you and me!

Naughty Kit

Minty is a naughty kit Tell her 'stand' - she's sure to sit She laps up milk without a trace But give her curds, she'll turn her face!Minty is a naughty kit Tell her 'come' and she'll just quit Tell her 'Run!' - she'll sleep all day Call her -...

Our Lips and Ears

If you your lips would keep from slips, Five things observe with care: Of whom you speak, to whom you speak, And how and when and where.If you your ears would save from jeers, These things keep meekly hid: Myself and I, and mine and my, And how I do...

My Squirrel Friend

Have you seen my little friend? I call him nimble-feet Because he moves so swift and fast Is nimble - and discreet!He runs away with all my nuts And yet is never caught His striped coat is ever bright And clean - without a spotHe helps himself to all my...

Little Black Dashes

Little black dashes On six legs each Walking very fast Where do they reach?One saved a friend Many ate a peach We're clever sing the ants We wish and we can reach. 

Have You Seen the Cuckoo Bird?

Have you seen the cuckoo bird With raven-coloured wing? Although I haven't seen one yet I've often heard her sing.The cuckoo on our champak tree Is hidden from our sight Because the leaves are thick and close But how she sings at night!'Cuckoo... cuckoo' says the bird 'I may be dark,...