Junior Games

Online children’s games for fun learning. Match pictures with words, count spiders, spot the odd word out, paint coloring sheets. All these and more for children. Hurray for kids puzzles games!

Word Match Game

Match the picture with the word by dragging it with your mouse and dropping it in the respective box.

Odd One Out

Spot the odd alphabet. Throw it in the dustbin with your mouse.


Choose and draw an alphabet or number in your favourite colour.


Breakout. Steer the green bat with your mouse to bounce the red ball and break through the wall.

Coloring Book

Select your colours and click on the picture to paint.


Click on the buttons and count the number of spiders.


Is Tomato a Vegetable or a Fruit?

We think the tomato is a vegetable, but it is actually a fruit. Because it is not sweet and is used for providing flavour...

Fish That Live in the Desert

We all know that fish live in water. But, there is a kind of fish which lives in the desert. Difficult to believe? Well, there...

A Friend in Need

It happened not very long ago. But when you're a snail, days move at snail's pace, too. So, if you were to ask our...

Do You Like Fruits?

Apples in the winter time Chikoos in the fall Mangoes in the summer time I like it best of all! Oranges and kinnows bright Sugar-cane so sweet Melons and the...

The Scent of an Enemy

It seems the fish were always a smart lot. Only, humans took some time to realise the fact. Some years ago, scientists had discovered...