Word Games

Vocabulary and fun come together in these puzzles and crosswords for children. Get in and crack the codes and mysteries. Stimulating crosswords, word puzzles to enrich a child’s vocabulary by testing their existing word skills. If you like cracking puzzles, crosswords and other clue related games, this is the place to be.

Word Search

Find a word by dragging your mouse over the letter grid. Once found, words will remain circled.


Guess what each letter stands for in the jumble of alphabets. And discover the hidden quote.


Click on the row to get a clue and finish the words.


A set of the ever popular crosswords. Crosswords are like word puzzles -- words are arranged horizontally and vertically and clues are provided for you to find them. A fun way to practice vocabulary, spelling and comprehension!


Why are Zebras Striped?

As a child I was always full of questions. I remember asking my parents why zebras were striped or why did giraffes have such...

What are Komodo Dragons?

European mythology abounds in stories of knights in shining armour battling fearsome dragons. Fairytale storybooks are peppered with illustrations of these huge monsters looking...

The Birth of Christ

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Everyone knows that. Do you know the entire story of his birth?Let me narrate it in brief....

Meaningful Flowers

When you want to convey your feelings, you say it with flowers. Do you know that humans have attached different meanings and values to...

Myths & Legends Related to Eclipses

Since time immemorial, eclipses have been interpreted in various ways by different communities all over the world, reflecting many a time the working philosophy...