Word Games

Vocabulary and fun come together in these puzzles and crosswords for children. Get in and crack the codes and mysteries. Stimulating crosswords, word puzzles to enrich a child’s vocabulary by testing their existing word skills. If you like cracking puzzles, crosswords and other clue related games, this is the place to be.

Word Search

Find a word by dragging your mouse over the letter grid. Once found, words will remain circled.


Guess what each letter stands for in the jumble of alphabets. And discover the hidden quote.


Click on the row to get a clue and finish the words.


A set of the ever popular crosswords. Crosswords are like word puzzles -- words are arranged horizontally and vertically and clues are provided for you to find them. A fun way to practice vocabulary, spelling and comprehension!


Why’s the Sun Red during Sunrise and Sunset?

As day breaks, a reddish-white ball of light that we call the sun, rises. This red haze gives way to a golden-white sheen as...

Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi

Thinker, statesman and nationalist leader, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi not only led his own country to independence but also influenced political activists of many persuasions...

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. goes down in history as one of the principal leader of the civil rights movement in the United States and...

A Friend in Need

It happened not very long ago. But when you're a snail, days move at snail's pace, too. So, if you were to ask our...

What is the Software for Life?

We all use computers. If you use Windows on your machine, like me, you will have a small button at the the bottom of...