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For the feast in the dream, the money in the mirror.

From 'Folklore of Kerala' by Kavalam Narayana Pannikkar; NBT

The drum gets the beating, the drummer, the reward.

From 'Folklore of Kerala' by Kavalam Narayana Pannikkar; NBT

Magic Johnson

Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson was born in Lansing, Michigan on August 14, 1959 and is one of professional basketball’s premier guard. Magic Johnson is famous for his brilliant passing skills, all-round sublime talent and engaging personality. At 6ft 9 inches he was the tallest point...

Children’s Pledge to On-line Safety

We recommend that every child accessing the Internet should adhere to the following pledge:I promise to never give my name, address, phone number, school's name, computer passwords or picture, to anyone on the Internet without my parents' approval.I promise to tell a parent or...

Children and Water

Educators Wynne Harlen and Jos Elstgeest take us on a wonder-filled trip into the scientific world in their classic book: UNESCO sourcebook for science in the primary school, published by the National Book Trust in association with Unesco publishing.Water is a common...

Bruce Lee

The Chinese American actor Bruce Lee, was born in San Francisco on November 27, 1940. Born a sickly child, he was named Li Jun Fan a female name by his mother to ward off evil spirits. His dad an Hong Kong opera singer returned...

Going to dig a well when the house is on fire.

From 'Folklore of Kerala' by Kavalam Narayana Pannikkar; NBT