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Art Quizzes for Kids

So you think you know the world of arts? Find out how much you know about music, cinema, books and much more. Try some of these quizzes about arts!

Who’s Who

Do you remember the names of the important characters in the world of books? Here is a quiz to refresh your memory.

Sound of Music

Surround sound, Bass, Dolby, Stereophonic...all these sound familiar but do you know what they all mean? Take a guess while you check the sound of music.


The uniqueness of an instrument lies in its quality to produce different sounds. Here is a blend of Indian and Western instruments for you to identify.


Crime, mystery and suspense is always intriguing and sometimes a cause for all those bitten nails. If you enjoy reading crime mysteries then this quiz is right up your alley.

Singing Sensations

They have captured millions of hearts with their songs. Let's see how abreast you are with the happenings in the music world.

Books and Authors

Generations of youngsters have spent many a happy afternoon in the company of these writers and their magical words. Can you identify them?

Cinema Cinema

Are you a film buff ? Here's a chance to prove that you are. Even if you are not, try this quiz. We promise it will be interesting.


What Makes the Egg Shell so Strong?

Have you ever wondered why hens don't break their eggs when they sit on them? The secret lies in the shape of the egg....

Lonely Kalu

Kalu was the only son of a farmer and his wife. "I wish I had a brother or a sister, to play with," he told...

How Does Ice float?

A cool glass of water topped with huge chunks of ice is sure to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. But, before...

Why do Plants Lean Toward Sunlight?

Plants kept inside a room always grow in the direction of the window. In woodlands where there is a thick canopy of trees and...

Where does the Pigeon Post Operate?

Among birds, pigeons have a natural and unerring instinct of returning to their nests or homes after long flights. In the early days besides...