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Film Quizzes for Kids

So you think you are a cinema buff? Find out if you know its director, producer, actors. What about film jargon? Here’s a chance to prove that you do. Try some of these quizzes about cinema and find out!


Director, producer, actors, editor - a film is a remarkable process where thousands of small details and hundreds of people come together to do their special bit and create magic.

Film Jargon

What is a take? If you are asked to cheat, what are you being asked to do? When you are on a film's set, you'll need to know certain words and phrases.

The Little Gold Man

And the winner is...Popularly known as the Oscar, it never ceases to make the heart skip a beat. After all it's every person's dream in the film industry.

Sound of Music

Surround sound, Bass, Dolby, Stereophonic...all these sound familiar but do you know what they all mean? Take a guess while you check the sound of music.


Crime, mystery and suspense is always intriguing and sometimes a cause for all those bitten nails. If you enjoy reading crime mysteries then this quiz is right up your alley.

Cinema Cinema

Are you a film buff ? Here's a chance to prove that you are. Even if you are not, try this quiz. We promise it will be interesting.


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