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History Quizzes for Kids

So you think you know world history? Find out how much you know inventions, discoveries, disasters, wars and much more. Try some of these history quizzes and find out!

The Early Inventions

Everything that we use in our lives has been invented by someone. See if you know who invented some of these things.

Famous Monuments

Is it the Golconda Fort or the Red Fort? The Golden Gate Bridge or the London Bridge? Find out!


Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi

Thinker, statesman and nationalist leader, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi not only led his own country to independence but also influenced political activists of many persuasions...

Magic of Kondapalli Toys

Did you know that animals, birds, reptiles and humans learn the lessons of life through play? Any object can be used as a toy....

Architectural Wonders

Today when we look at our ancient structures, we cannot help but wonder how they ever got created. Though thousands of years old they...

Why do Plants Lean Toward Sunlight?

Plants kept inside a room always grow in the direction of the window. In woodlands where there is a thick canopy of trees and...

The Exotic Peacock

Come monsoons, and we immediately think about the beautiful peacock, dancing in the rain, with its luscious tail spread out behind it. Undoubtedly one...