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History Quizzes for Kids

So you think you know world history? Find out how much you know inventions, discoveries, disasters, wars and much more. Try some of these history quizzes and find out!

The Early Inventions

Everything that we use in our lives has been invented by someone. See if you know who invented some of these things.

Famous Monuments

Is it the Golconda Fort or the Red Fort? The Golden Gate Bridge or the London Bridge? Find out!


What is Ham Radio?

Consider this, your state has been hit by a cyclone with wind speeds measuring 300 kilometres per hour. All modern means of communication -...

Batik: Ancient Art of Painting in Wax

A routine college day. We had to go for textile practicals after lunch. Going for any class post lunch was a pain. All we...

The Great Escape

On the outskirts of a bustling city near the sea coast was a zoo named Kananvan. It was famous all over the world for...

Lonely Kalu

Kalu was the only son of a farmer and his wife."I wish I had a brother or a sister, to play with," he told...

Penguin Sweaters

Oil spills can have a devastating effect on marine life. After an oil spill, one of the most important jobs of rescuers is to...