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India Quizzes for Kids

So you think you know India? Find out if you know its rivers, festivals, how it achieved freedom and much more. Try some of these Quizzes about India and find out!

India Quiz : Delights of an Indian Summer

Have you ever wondered why the juiciest fruits grow in the summer? It's Nature's way of keeping us cool and quenching our thirst.

India Quiz : Festivals

India is a land of diverse cultures with each culture having its own festivals. Hence, there are numerous festivals being celebrated round the year. Here are a few, let's see if you know about them.

India Quiz : Know Kerala

A National Geographic Society publication has listed Kerala among the world's "50 greatest places of a lifetime." Test your awareness of this beautiful state of India.

India Quiz : India Quotient

This is a quiz about India. Find out some interesting things about this huge country. Every question is followed by 4 options. Click on the most appropriate answer. So just do it! START


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