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Sports Quizzes for Kids

So you think you are a sports buff? Find out how much you know about the Olympics, cricket, soccer. Try some of these sports quizzes and find out!

Gear Up for Sports

Some are traditional sports and others are not so traditional. But they are all popular and have their distinct equipment. So get set, ready, go - identify them.

Window to World Cup Soccer

World Cup soccer is the event that football lovers across the globe eagerly wait for. Why don't you play ball and see how much you know!

Sydney 2000

The Olympic medal is a source of pride not only to the individual athletes but also to the countries that they come from. Guess the nationality of some of the Olympic 2000 winners from their country flags.

The Highs and Lows of World Cup Cricket

As the World Cup begins to the calypso beat in the Caribbean, here are some teasers about exciting records in previous World Cups. Enjoy!

Get Sporty

Little tit-bits of information about the games people play. Let's see how much you know.

World of Sport-1

Who is the Tiger of Indian sports? In which game would you encounter a birdie, eagle or bishop? Make your move, go on!


Venice is Sinking

Most people all over the world travel by the road. In a city in Italy however, waterways make up the primary commuting routes. The...

Dropping Trees from the Sky – Hydroseeding

Finally there is a simple solution to the growing problems of deforestation and the greenhouse effect - dropping millions of trees out of an...

Global Warming: Melting kingdom of the Polar Bear

Through the long and dark Arctic winter, the mother Polar Bear sat quietly in her den. She had given birth to her cubs, and...

Penguin Sweaters

Oil spills can have a devastating effect on marine life. After an oil spill, one of the most important jobs of rescuers is to...

What is Ham Radio?

Consider this, your state has been hit by a cyclone with wind speeds measuring 300 kilometres per hour. All modern means of communication -...