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Technology Quizzes for Kids

So you think you are a technology geek? Find out how much you know about the computers, about cars, about the Internet. Try some of these technology quizzes and find out!

Browsing the Net

The Net is an exciting place to be. Do you know how to find your way around it?

About Cars

If you think you are a car expert and know a lot about cars, check out this quiz.

Computer Hardware

The computer is a combination of several devices. Each device performs a particular task - do you know what they are?


Chess for Children: A Smart Move

When we think of chess we think of two adults sitting opposite each other, thinking of ways and means to outsmart the other. Many...

The Scent of an Enemy

It seems the fish were always a smart lot. Only, humans took some time to realise the fact. Some years ago, scientists had discovered...

Magic of Kondapalli Toys

Did you know that animals, birds, reptiles and humans learn the lessons of life through play? Any object can be used as a toy....

How do Satellites Stay Up?

Satellites orbit the earth because of the force of gravity. To understand why this happens and why the satellite does not get pulled in...

Architectural Wonders

Today when we look at our ancient structures, we cannot help but wonder how they ever got created. Though thousands of years old they...