Bandita Nath is a sixth class student of Delhi Public School. She loves to draw and write.

Once upon a time, there was a rich moneylender in a village. His name was Seth Karam Chand. One day, a kind and a generous man named Sunder Singh came to Seth Karam Chand to take a loan. He took five hundred rupees loam from Seth Karam Chand.

The Clever Dog [Illustration by Anup Singh]
The Clever Dog [Illustration by Anup Singh]

After a few months, Seth Karam Chand came to Sunder Singh’s house to colelct his debt. But poor Sunder Singh couldn’t pay back his debt.

So instead, he gave his hut and his dog named Moti to Seth Karam Chand. He was very sad to give away Moti because he loved Moti very much.

After a few days, on a dark night, some theives came to Seth Karam Chand’s house to rob him. Moti barked and barked but Seth Karam Chand did not get up. So the dog followed the robbers who had taken all the money, jewellery, etc in a box. They dug a hole in another patch of land not far from Seth Karam Chand’s house.

Moti saw where they had put the box. Next morning when Seth Karam Chand discovered that he was robbed of all his valuables, he was very upset and frightened. Just then Moti came and pulled his dhoti again and again till Seth Karam Chand followed him to the spot where the loot was buried.

He could not believe his eyes that he had found his valuables and was very pleased with Moti. He then went to Sunder Singh’s house and said, “please take back your dog and the hut. I have got my debt back because of this clever Moti.”

Sunder Singh was very happy to see his dog back and they lived happily ever after.

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