The Fish and the Dinosaur []
The Fish and the Dinosaur []

Once there was a pond in a jungle. In that pond there were 63 fish. One day a Dinosaur came to the pond. In one day it drank half of the water of the pond.

The fish were worried that the Dinosaur will drink the whole pond. The fish queen asked everyone that who would defeat the Dinosaur? One poor fish said, “I will defeat him”.

So the next day the fish went to the Dinosaur and said “Dino! O! Dino!”

The Dinosaur looked and asked “What?”

The fish said, “You can’t drink our water.”

The Dinosaur said “We’ll have a race till the end of the pond. If I win, then I will drink the water.”

So the fish said “1,2,3” and the fish swam as fast as it could. But the Dinosaur was so heavy that it could not run at all and lost the race. The Dinosaur went away.

The next day the queen gave the fish her seat and the fish was the richest fish in the pond.

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