Once there was a lovely girl named Ginger. The one thing she loved the most was danger. There was only one reason she loved danger. She loved it because she had never faced any danger.

She was forbidden to go any farther then the garden. Her father would not allow it because one day her mother went beyond the garden to get her scarf that had blown away. She never returned. Ginger was also the daughter of the richest man in Teton, where she lived.

In the middle of the night, I can’t quite remember what night, she heard a tense knock on the door. Then she herd her father open the door. She couldn’t hear every word they said, but she heard some of it. She heard something about them needing to find someone that would capture a dangerous tri-sonic. A tri-sonic is a horse that can run as fast as a cheetah, roar as loud as a lion, has teeth as sharp as a shark, breath as fiery as a dragon, and is as strong as an elephant.

There it was — her chance to find danger. She quickly packed 2 daggers, 1 shield and sword, 10 gold coins, a rope, armour, and 2 biscuits. She wrote a note to her father that read:

Dear father,
I have run away to find the tri-sonic. Sorry I could not tell you in person. I will return.
Love, Ginger

She put the note on her pillow and went out the window to find the Tri-sonic. She followed the street candles until she found a bench. She expected it was the governor who visited her father. So in the morning she put on the armor and went to the governor’s house. She knocked on the door and in a manly voice said, “I am here to slay the Tri-sonic.

The governor was shocked.

The Girl who Loved Danger []
The Girl who Loved Danger []

“How did you know about the Tri-sonic?” he demanded.

She told him she had seen its footprints. The governor gave her the mission. She went back to her bench and ate a biscuit.

Then she went to the map maker and asked him to make a map of the way to the Tri-sonic’s cave. When it was done she gave him her ten gold coins and left. She followed the map and seen there was a big dragon guarding her path. She pulled out her sword and threatened to slay the dragon if he didn’t move.

The dragon was a nice dragon so he moved and said, “I will let you ride me over the mountain if you take this metal chain off my neck. “So she took her sword and started to cut the chain. Her sword broke. They were almost through with cutting the chain.

So she took her shield and slammed it on the chain. The chain broke but so did her shield. She took the rope and tied it around the dragon’s neck so she could hold on. The dragon flew fast and swift. Soon they were at the cave. There was a hyena guarding the cave. The dragon flew away in fright.

But Ginger took her last biscuit and threw it to the hyena. While the hyena was eating the biscuit, she slunk around him and went into the cave. There stood the Tri-sonic. She took out her daggers and flung them towards the Tri-sonic. She missed!

The Tri-sonic slung a breath of fire towards her. She dodged and went towards the Tri-sonic. She stuck a dagger on both of his sides until they met in the middle of his heart. Blood dripped down his sides. He lay there cold and stiff for he was dead.

She showed the governor the next day. The whole town met in the middle of town square to see who their strong knight was and to watch the knight receive the reward (a pair of gold daggers). When she took off her helmet, the whole town was shocked to see their brave knight was the wonderfully rich Ginger. When she received her reward she gave it to the poor people, for she was already rich and had the greatest treasure in the world — her happiness.

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