Freedom means many things to many people. When we spoke to some children in the age group of 8 to 14, we were amazed to learn the different meanings they gave to that one word ‘freedom’. Here they put their ideas exactly the way their thoughts arose in their minds…

Radhika Jain (8 years)

  • “I don’t have to study.”

  • “Being able to watch my favourite channel Star Plus, Cartoon Network whenever I like.”

  • “Cycling in the morning instead of going to school.”

  • “Eating as many ice creams as I want.”

  • “Going for school tours. Only 4th and 5th class students go for tours. We 3rd class students are not allowed.”

  • “Not getting up early in the morning.”

Saloni (11 years)

  • “Doing what I like but should be right…
  • I will never do anything bad against rules like corruption.
  • I won’t go against the government rules but only if the rules are right. Out of 100 percent if 80 percent say a rule is bad then it is bad.”
  • “School hamare tareeke se chalna chaheye.(school should run according to our method) Teachers should dictate slowly."Damini Bansal (14 years)
  • “Freedom is something different in everybody’s way of thinking – a student would probably like to raise a revolt against all the obnoxious rules of his or her school and as a grown up one might want to have lesser responsibilities i.e. being free of all reponsibilities.
  • “Freedom according to me is the power bestowed in me to make some of my life’s decisions on my own. But as always this lucrative “freedom” comes with the arduous tag of doing it right.““I know it never comes easy but atleast I didn’t have to struggle with the enemy as much as my elders needed to and I’m glad to have it that way.
  • “And this Independence Day will be a lot more different than our first one in 1947 when people actually came to know what it was like to be free, for them it was the dawn of a new day, it was a day when they could do what they felt was right and did not need to worry about the conequences of their acts in the near future. "
  • “We have come far from all of this, we now no longer see the Independence Day as a day of very very great importance -for the students of my class (and most of the children of my age) the most important value is that it is a holiday.”
  • “It is shocking but it is true the perception of freedom has changed over the years and one shudders to think about what will be its state some 20 odd years from now.”
  • “Will people misuse their freedom or will they achieve greater heights? These questions will continuously plague our mind.”

Arihant Jain (12 years) * “We can do anything we want like not going to school.” * “Everything should be free. We should not pay money to buy anything.” * “Can go anywhere I want… to the playground when exams are on.” * “Chatting on phone as long as I want.” * “To eat dinner outside everyday.” * “In school being able to play sports and not study.” * “Flying Kites.”

Sujeet (11 years)

  * "Political Independence- final throw of the British from India."
  * "Generally having proper rights."
  * "Not having any studies at all."
  * "Independence day is a holiday when I can do whatever I like."

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