Temper, Temper!! []
Temper, Temper!! []

The Giant who Looked for his Temper
Written by Santhini Govindhan
Illustrated by Jagdish Joshi
Published by Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd.

Boomba is the name of the giant who lives in a cave on the mountain all alone, in The Giant who Looked for his Temper. He has no friends. Everyone is scared of him because he has a temper which bursts like a balloon at every small incident, and very frequently.

One day, Boomba decides to find out how he can control his temper, and he ventures out to the jungle in search of some advice.

The story revolves around Boomba’s meeting with various animals in the jungle who tell him that whenever something is lost it has to be looked for and, once found, it should be kept safely never to be lost again. By something, they are referring to the temper he keeps losing!

An excerpt from the book:

Oh!” exclaimed Mrs. Squirrel, “I know how dreadful it is to lose something. I get so upset when I lose some of my nuts. I’m so glad I do not have a temper to lose. But, listen…if all your problems are because of this temper of yours, I think you should start looking for it at once! When you find it, store it in a safe place and make sure you don’t lose it ever again.”

So, Boomba starts searching for the temper that he has lost. He searches high and low, under the bushes and behind the trees, but does not find it. How can he? He does not even know what his temper looks like.

The story takes a twist when Boomba gets stuck in a hole, which he digs along with the fox. Boomba screams for help and when the villagers hear him they rush to his rescue. Both Boomba and fox are pulled out and for the first time, Boomba does not lose his temper.

Now he has a village full of friends, but he still cannot figure out what his temper looks like… Read this intriguing story to find out more.

Although suited for six to eight-year-olds, this enchanting story can also be read aloud to the preschooler. Last, but not least, Jagdish Joshi’s beautiful illustrations bring alive the story.

380 words | 3 minutes
Readability: Grade 5 (10-11 year old children)
Based on Flesch–Kincaid readability scores

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