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In, Pin, Tin

Three little mice
Named In, Pin, Tin
One fat, one short
The other one thin.

In, Pin, Tin [Illustrations by Amarjeet Malik]

They woke up one night
As lazy as ever
The moon was already up
And they began to shiver.

They brushed their teeth
And said, ‘lets eat’
There’s milk on the shelf
Eggs, cheese and meat!

But what do we wear?
We have no sweater!
So quickly they went
To the old shopkeeper.

But the shopkeeper said,
‘I have no wool’
For the sheep are on a picnic
Near the big blue pool!

So off they went
To look for the sheep
They found them together
But were all fast asleep!

In, Pin, Tin [Illustrations by Amarjeet Malik]

Some of them had white wool
And some of them had brown
But In wanted a sweater
Like that of the circus clown!

Pin loved mittens
Of stripes red and gold,
And Tin wanted socks
‘Coz his feet were very cold!

But how do we wake them?
Said In with a grin –
We’ll blow a big balloon
And burst it with a pin!

They ran to a toy-shop
Counting all their money
And bought a nice balloon
Orange, green – and shiny!

The three blew and blew
Till it swelled like the moon
But suddenly Pin said
Look – its already noon!

Now we don’t need sweaters
Or mittens or socks
Its getting so warm
Forget the sleeping flocks.

Tin looked at the balloon
And had a plan bright
Each held on to the thread
One, two, three and tight!

In said some magic words
And into the sky they flew
Soaring over birds and flowers
And everyone else they knew.

In, Pin, Tin [Illustrations by Amarjeet Malik]

They sang funny songs
Swaying in the breeze
Everything was just fine
Till Tin gave a loud sneeze!

POP! went the balloon
For the sneeze made such a din!
And they fell straight into bed
The lazy In, Pin, Tin.