When wisps of white
Sail across the sky
When the breeze blows warm
And the days grow long
From somewhere in the distance
You can hear my song
Coo-ooo, Coo-ooo Coo-oooo

When mangoes ripen
In the dark green trees
And hovering around
Are busy buzzy bees
Right over the wall
You can hear my call
Coo-o, Coo-oo, Cooo-ooo

Koel [Illustration by Kusum Chamoli]
Koel [Illustration by Kusum Chamoli]

When plump wild figs
Go squish under your feet
And juicy purple jamuns
Are munched by parakeets

From somewhere up high
You can hear my tuneful cry
Coo-ooo, Coo-oo, Coo-oo-oo-oo

When from dawn to dusk
You must indoors stay
When all else is quiet
In the middle of the day
You can hear me sing
Sweetly carrolling
Coo-ooo, Coo-oooo, Coo-oooo

123 words | 1 minutes
Readability: Grade 11 (16-17 year old children)
Based on Flesch–Kincaid readability scores

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