142 words | 2 mintue read | Flesch–Kincaid readability score: Grade 11

The summer sun smiles a scorching smile
The smile sends shivers
through the stoutest hearts
A summer smile is reason to sweat
But the potter’s back with his cool lifeline!

Earthen pots of every size
Are piled under a tarpaulin sky
Waiting to find new homes
And soothe thirsty throats!

Their water has a magical taste –
The sweet smell of wet earth
Or soil that comes alive after
The first seasonal shower!

The Potter
The Potter [Illustration by Shinod AP]
Some pots are small, like a baby’s song
Some are round – a perfect ‘O’
Some are tall with slender necks
Like a curious gazelle looking ahead!

They wait patiently awaiting their turn
To be tucked under a grateful arm
Knowing they give their best
The more the sun scowls, the crosser it gets!