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Oops, Oh and OK were pals.

One day, Oops got visitors – uncle Silly and cousin Funny.

Uncle Silly said, “What about some ice creams?”

Oops said “Oops!” Oh said “oh!” and uncle Silly thought they didn’t want ice cream.

He said. “We won’t go”.

Cousin Funny said “I’ll screammmmm!!!” so they all went for ice creams.

A kid with ice-cream: The Three Pals - A story for kids

His name should be Punny not Funny, no?

Oops, Oh and OK dropped ice cream all over their shorts and T-shirts. Ugh-Yucky-Sticky.

Uncle Silly said, ” I’ll spank you!”

Before Oops or Oh could say any thing OK said “ok!”. So uncle Silly got ready to spank them. But cousin Funny laughed so much that he fell on uncle Silly and dropped his ice cream all over uncle Silly’s shirt.

Uncle Silly had to spank them for ice creamy clothes too. So he did and got tired of spanking and didn’t anymore.

Oops said “Oops!” Oh said “Oh, you’re silly, Uncle.” And OK said “That’s Ok!” and Cousin Funny laughed. Uncle Silly said, “Of course I’m Silly’ and they all went home happily.