February 14: More than 60 years ago, the Maharaja of Jamnagar, a princely state in Gujarat, offered shelter to 600 Polish child refugees who had got orphaned during the Second World War. The children were housed near Balachadi, near Jamnagar. It was a deed that the Poles did not forget.

For, as the news of the devastating earthquake that hit Gujarat spread across the world on January 26, the Polish government was among the first foreign nations to rush in with aid. And, a part of the relief material was specially earmarked for the children of Jamnagar, says a recent report in ‘The Indian Express’.

A Debt Repaid [Illustration by Shinod A P]
A Debt Repaid [Illustration by Shinod A P]

President Aleksander Kwasneiwski sent his personal plane, loaded with equipment, medicines and tents. A Polish rescue team of eight people has set up a hospital in Bhuj, one of the worst-affected districts.

And Polish ambassador to India, Jan Krysztof Mroziewicz, has said that M28 Skytruck, a multi-purpose airplane, will take part in the rescue and relief operations.

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