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December 9, 2008 :The fastest moving mammal on earth is now moving – fast – towards extinction. The Guardian reports that cheetah is on a list of 21 names newly added to the United Nations Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals List 1 of endangered species. The Egyptian vulture is on this list too, because it is affected by the excessive use of toxic pesticides.

A safety net for cheetahs, vultures, dolphins []
A safety net for cheetahs, vultures, dolphins []

A species of Asian duck, which is eaten as a delicacy in its native region, three kinds of dolphins, some marine mammals and bird varieties are also on the list. These findings were aired at an international wildlife conference by the UN, which was held in Rome.

One of the measures the conference upon was to check noise pollution from ships. This is because these animals communicate using sounds.

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