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Advertisement for Dogs
Advertisement for Dogs [Illustration by Shiju George]
If you are selling a dog’s product, who should you ask to buy it – the dog owner or the dog?

A British advertisement firm has decided to get the attention of dogs in their latest ad campaign on a pet awards show.

The programme, to be conducted by the television channel Animal Planet, is being publicised with posters that have been sprinkled with dog urine, the Indian Express newspaper reported.

It is not actually urine, it is the scent of urine, the report quoted a spokesperson for the channel as saying. Apparently dogs love the smell of their own urine, he added.

The channel hopes that the scented (read stinking) posters will attract dogs and along with them their owners to the pet awards show.

It is planning to stick these posters at a dog’s eye level as well as the human level on lamp posts and along popular walking paths in London, Birmingham and Glasgow.