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February 5, 2009 : All of Europe and much of North America experienced very chilly weather and battled snow and ice through most of January. Snowfall of unexpected proportions hit Madrid, Spain, and severe storms blew across France, U.K., Germany, and Northern Italy.

Since February 2, 2009 the U.K. has seen unusual amounts of snowfall. By midday on February 2 alone, about a foot of snow had fallen over London, the heaviest snowfall over the city in 18 years. London’s Underground, the world’s oldest underground rail transport system, national highways and air transport services across the country were severely affected. Thousands of children stayed home as schools shut down across England, Scotland and Wales after more snowfall on February 5.

Northern China is suffering its worst drought in 50 years, as rainfall across the region has dropped by 90 per cent. Emergency was declared in eight provinces of northern and central China. Nearly half the country’s winter wheat crop has been affected by the drought.

Temperatures recorded by the Indian Meteorological Department show that this has been the warmest January over the country in 19 years.

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