May 3: Got an exam today and not studied a word? Copying from chits, hiding books under the desk, copying from the neighbour – all these are old tactics. Some students have geared up to more ‘modern’ ways!

Students of Zakir Hussain College, Delhi, seem to have found the answer to this problem, reports The Indian Express. And what’s more, no one can even catch them out!

Any guesses? Well, listen to this – if a student is incapable of writing (due to something like an injured hand) doesn’t another student do the writing for him? All the student has to do is to speak out the answer. The fun part of this is that the two of them get to sit in a separate room, so that they do not disturb the rest of the students!

Injured right arms [Illustration by Shinod AP]
Injured right arms [Illustration by Shinod AP]

This is what some students of Zakir Hussain College have done. The University of Delhi has received 63 applications from ‘hurt’ students seeking a writer to write their papers. Of these, 28 are from this college. Even the principal of Zakir Hussain College is amazed and says that most of his students could be lying.

So, on April 27, several students “fell down the stairs” or their “autorickshaws turned over in an accident” or were involved in some other accidents. Many other students were even brighter…they claimed that they “have always had this problem”! But none of them wanted their parents to be told about it.

Yes, all the 28 students from Zakir Hussain ended up getting someone to write for them. The university obviously didn’t expect its students to think up such innovative ways of turning its rules around. That’s why they have no way to check if the student was lying.

The Chief Medical Officer of the university’s health centre says the university is helpless. The only thing they can do is to open each student’s bandage or plaster to see if the students are lying or not!

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