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Where: Stamford, Connecticut, USA

February 17, 2009 : A pet chimpanzee named Travis, belonging to a Ms.Sandra Herold of Stamford, Connecticut, was shot and killed by the police after it broke out of its cage and attacked a woman. Travis, it seems, got out of control, escaped from his cage and attacked a 55-year-old woman friend of Ms. Herold’s. He bit her several times, and her injuries were said to be life-threatening. She was removed to hospital and was in a critical condition.

After the police arrived on the scene, Travis injured two of the officers. They then shot him four times, killing him. This was his second encounter with the police. In 2003, Travis had escaped from the family’s vehicle, and was shot with tranquilizer darts that sedated him. One newspaper reported that he had not escaped at the time, but had got locked out of the vehicle, and simply walked to the other side to try and open the door.Travis used to be a familiar sight in the town, taking rides in Ms. Herold’s husband’s tow truck.