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August 18: Who would have thought that humans can be ‘photocopied’ like documents? But, it is happening and the brain behind the whole act, Severino Antiniro, an Italian doctor is all set to create the first ‘photocopy’ babies of the world, reports say.

Though the doctor seems confident, his experiment could result in a Jurassic Park-like disaster, experts say. The child produced thus may have physical or mental disabilities, they say.
That does not seem to have hampered Antiniro’s plans. Nor has the fact that almost every country in the world is against the idea.

Photocopies of babies
Photocopies of babies []

The US has already passed a bill that makes all human cloning illegal and punishable by up to 10 years in prison and $1 million in fine. And France and Germany have launched a campaign for a UN treaty to ban human cloning, which they say is unacceptable and incompatible with human dignity.
While the world is trying to grapple with the reality of cloning, a Bahama-based company run by a religious cult has decided to cash in on the whole issue. It has started bookings for cloning and offers to store the cells of a child or a beloved person to create a clone if he/she dies of an incurable disease or through an accident, The Hindustan Times reported.