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April 12: So, you love digging your teeth into a cheesy pizza made with home-made sauce from fresh tomatoes and herbs. Then you would have loved to attended the 10th World Pizza Championship! At the championship this year, judges had their fill of tasting pizza of various types including classic pizza, pizza in a baking tray, fastest pizza, and yes, the largest pizza.

The championship was held in Salsomaggiore, Italy. And the Italians once again walked away with the top honours. They were declared expert pizza makers. But naturally, after all the Italians gave the pizza to the world!

Around 350 competitors from 17 countries participated in the competition. And it was Sicilian Giuseppe Paolini’s absolutely delicious pizza that won hands down, reports The Telegraph.

Slices of Italy
Slices of Italy [Illustrated by Shinod AP]

Paolini’s victory means that for the second year running the Italians are the best pizza-makers. Maurizio Gaccione, a Neapolitan working in a pizzeria in Trento in north Italian, won the competition last year.

Pizza is a meal prepared in a plate made of bread. It is probably Italy’s most popular export today. But the idea actually dates back to the 16 century Greeks, who have been eating flat round bread (plankutos) with an assortment of toppings.

Great pizza dough is made only with flour, natural yeast, salt and water. It must be kneaded by hand or mixers which do not cause the dough to overheat. But the dough has to be punched down and shaped by hand. What was once the peasant’s meal is king among fast foods today. But unlike most fast foods, the pizza is not junk food.

Pizza is one of Italy’s national prides. And that is why the Italians are so happy to have won the title again.