August 26: At a a supermarket in County Durham, England, the workers are getting ready for some lessons in sign language so as to better communicate with deaf customers. And the prospective students are only too eager to meet their teacher. For in this case, Madame Diana Graham, all of two years old, will be giving them the lessons. Seriously.

Diana is a wonder-kid. Even before she uttered her first word, she had learnt sign language to speak to her mother who happens to be deaf. So whenever the phone rings or there’s a knock at the door, 36-year old Susan Graham is promptly informed by her alert daughter.

Toddler teacher in UK [Illustration by Shinod AP]
Toddler teacher in UK [Illustration by Shinod AP]

Diana understands the sign language system so well that her mother even reads story books to her in that language. The toddler’s achievement was brought to light by her grandparents, expert signers themselves. Says Betty, her proud grandmother, “She started signing at about five months and now has an extensive vocabulary and can chat away in sign language. She is so far advanced for her age.”

The good word spread and the supermarket store couldn’t think of a better sign-language teacher for its staff. Now Diana Graham has been asked to give a series of tutorials to the workers. Officials at the supermarket hope that her lessons will enable them to help deaf customers with their shopping.

A touching story of ‘sight and sound’, isn’t it?

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