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When Everyone Counts

March 28: Have you been counted yet? But you must have been! There’s one head count that cannot afford to leave anyone out. It is the Census 2001.

Census is a small Latin word meaning register. But to the people responsible for conducting it, it implies a marathon task. Census means counting each and every person in the country and gathering data related to them.

In India, the first Census was conducted in 1872. Thereafter, it has been held every 10 years. The groundwork for this Census started two years ago, while the Census operation itself was held between February 9, 2001 to February 28, 2001. A revision was held in the first week of March.

When Everyone Counts [Illustration by Shinod AP]
Imagine what a massive exercise counting India’s billion people must be! And at the same time, finding out a lot of other things – like where they live, what language they speak, what community and caste they belong to, what work they do, how many rooms and toilets they have in their houses, how far is the nearest source of water, how far is the hospital…Whew!

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