This is the story of a small boy of my age working next door. His name is Bharat.

His parents could not afford his studies and food. So they sent him to someone’s house to work as a servant. He was interested in studies. But there was no use. He had to work hard day and night.
In the morning, when I go to school with a heavy bag on my back full of books, young Bharat also comes to the bus stop, to drop his master’s son.

Children of a lesser god
Children of a lesser god

Bharat carries the heavy load of a school bag on his little shoulders. When I get into the bus and look at Bharat, I see in his eyes a hope that one day he would also be coming to school, like us.

Many a times I wonder if he is completely like us, what would be wrong? Why can’t he be put in an evening school for his studies, by his master? In my school, I have learnt that India in Hindi is called “Bharat”. So what is the future of India or Bharat?

How many such small Bharats will be there in India who can if given an opportunity like us, be good citizens, that India can be proud of? Can we do something?

From the project ‘Pitu’s India’ by Parikshit Phadke, of Siva Sivani Public School, Hyderabad

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