**Mr Examination **
Oh, my dear examination
I have made no preparation
I’m terribly afraid of you
Kindly advise me what to do
You are early, but I’m very late
And daily losing weight
Please go and go you must,
Let me learn my lesson first.
Get out of my room
Now that’s something!!!_

Education that is and education that should be
Education that is and education that should be

What education can’t give
_education can give study
but not job
education can give books
but not brains

education can give knowledge
but not good character
education can give hardwork
but not success._

a huge bundle of books!
how sad! it books.
i can’t understand history,
the battles and wars, all are like a mystery.
the children who thought themselves to be heroes,
in front of maths, they are zeroes,
in subject hindi,
i do not uderstand where i should put bindi.
ved path is quite boring,
when i start learning this, i start snoring.
i don’t want to study anymore,
i wish could play more and more!


From the project ‘India as a school of learning’ by the Army School, Delhi Cantonment, Delhi

190 words | 1 minutes
Readability: Grade 7 (12-13 year old children)
Based on Flesch–Kincaid readability scores

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