One day I came back from school, I was hungry… I looked for a samosa but my sister had eaten it all up. I guess she was as hungry as I was. I thought for a while and asked myself, ‘do you think there is enough food?’

Now that was a bit difficult to answer. I went to my father for the answer. My father said: “Yes, Nihal, India does not have enough food. One of every five Indians goes to bed hungry. Twenty years back it was worse, almost two out of five people did not have enough food. Science has helped in reducing the number of hungry people, but we still have a long way to go.”

Hungry in the land of plenty
Hungry in the land of plenty

Then, I read an article on food supply. The article said that while on one side, farmers are commiting suicide because of not having enough food, on the other side, foodgrains continue to rot because there is not enough storage space.

The article said that our country loses Rs. 50,000 crores every year because of this. Wow! I thought one crore was a big amount- and this is 50 thousand crores! Isn’t it sad, food production is growing, but there is no place to store it.

From the project ‘The great staples of India which staple us all Indians’ by Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School, Navi Mumbai

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