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Insensitivities of people

People use crane to lift Lord Ganesha idol for the traditional immersion during Hindu festival ganesh chathurthi (Hyderabad, India) reddees / Shutterstock.com

There are so many sensitivities and insensitivities taking place around us. In this project we have tried to discover few of them.

Indian sensitivities through our eyes:

Insensitivity on the roads:
So many accidents are taking place on Indian roads. Are we really sensitive towards those accident victims? Can a little help save those accident victims.

Sensitivity regarding sanitary conditions on roads:

Aren’t our roads acting as open toilets for men folk? Are we concerned only about the cleanliness of our homes. Are we really sensitive towards the cleanliness of our neighbourhood?

Do we respect each others’ sentiments?

From the project ‘Indian sensitivities’ by Mira Model School, Janak Puri, New Delhi