Dreams – the word itself, sounds so fascinating. Everyone has different dreams. Dreams are actually our aspirations.

Dreams are of different types. Some dreams, like touching the sun, are impossible. Some are extremely silly. When I was five and was asked about what I wanted to be, I used to say: “to grow up”, as if anyone could stop that! As we grow and learn about great achievers, we all secretly want to emulate them…

Dreams are actually formed in our childhood. People do anything to fulfil their dreams. Many people want to do something for India and are determined to become great…

The changing face of childhood dreams
The changing face of childhood dreams

A survey conducted among 50 students between the age group 12-14 revealed that an overwhelming number – 32 – wanted money, fame and power. Eight had dreams of having big houses, cars or jewellery while the rest dreamt of India as a super power! All of them were prepared to work hard and sacrifice whatever had to be sacrificed to achieve their dreams!

My teacher was suggesting that when she was 12-14 years old, she never came across any child who was clear about what he/she wanted. She attributes the dreams of today’s children to the exposure they get. She also suggested that her parents and their generations’ burning desire was to live in an independent India!

See how dreams change with time! Some dreams or goals are not so positive. Well, my friend here Harsh Shah(14 years, Manav Mandir School) wants to become a gangster. A gangster? Not exactly. A person who fights nepotism and corruption. He says he has changed his earlier ambition of becoming a wrestler!

From the project ‘Kites and Dolls’ by Gopi Birla Memorial School, Walkeshwar Road, Mumbai

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