Twelve-year-old Soumya thinks that mothers can make difficult things simple. In this letter to her mother, she tells us why she feels so.

Dearest mother, you are the loveliest person in the whole world. You do anything and everything for me. Now this reminds me of the day when I had a fight with my friends.

This happened when I was 10 years old. My friends and I were playing basketball when one of them teased another. The one who was teased was sensitive. She started crying.

Letter from a Daughter to a Mother []
Letter from a Daughter to a Mother []

This carried on for some time and soon took a violent turn. They pushed and pulled, scratched and screamed. As usual, I kept myself out of this for a while. But the tearful face of my friend made me react. This resulted in a break up with the other
friend. I was very depressed because even the friend I supported did not show any interest in me. We had been friends for over two years and suddenly everything was lost in seconds. I went home crying and pushed the door open.

Luckily, my mother was at home that day. When she heard the door, she came rushing from the kitchen. She asked me what had happened and I told her how I felt. After hearing everything, she hugged me and promised that everything would be all right. And would you believe it? All she told me to do was to talk to them or write out my feelings on a card .

I did just that and things became better. That is my mother. She can make difficult things simple. She is always with me when things go wrong. Her love is such that lifts up my spirits. She lets me be the way I am. She is bright and sunny, free and natural.

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