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Quizzes designed for children. Browse through below, or pick a quiz from one of our sections: Geography, Science, Arts, History, Festival, and more. Attempt a quiz – test your knowledge and learn some new things. A huge range of online quizzes for kids — these are sure to tickle any child’s brain.

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Get Sporty

Little tit-bits of information about the games people play. Let’s see how much you know.

Earthshaking Terms

It’s a quiz about some of the terms that we hear and read about almost everywhere when an earthquake rocks the world.

This and That

A dove is symbolic of … ? What is the national emblem of Australia? Get into the quizzing mode!

Known in the Media

Rack your brains to think about some animals that have been featured either in a movie or a book and how they became well known.

Get Set Go

From nicknames to places, it is all there for you to answer in this quiz. So on your mark, get, set and go!

From Cane to Sugar

A step-by-step learning process about the making of sugar in a quzzical way. Each question is linked to the other so don’t try jumping.

Architectural Wonders

Architectural Wonders

Today when we look at our ancient structures, we cannot help but wonder how they ever got created. Though thousands of years old they never fail seem to amaze us.

India Quiz : Ritual Occasions

India Quiz : Ritual Occasions

The first two weeks of April have one festival or religious occasion following another. How many of them do you know about?

India Quiz : Rivers of India

India Quiz : Rivers of India

It’s all about the rivers that flow throughout India – draining it and making life possible.

India Quiz : Road to Freedom

India Quiz : Road to Freedom

India was freed from British rule on August 15, 1947. Can you map the way India took to achieve independence?

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