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X-rays are invisible waves of electromagnetic radiation. They can travel through the human body. A lot of diseases can be easily detected with the help of X-rays. In 1895 a German scientist discovered it. Name him.

  • Wilhelm Rontgen

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  • Linus Yale

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  • Orville Wright

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  • Eli Whitney

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We use zips today to fasten our clothes, shoes and bags, among other things. In 1893, an American invented the zipper as a fastening for boots. It was only in the 1920s that these fasteners came to be used in clothes too. Who invented it?

In 1866, this British travel agent issued the first traveller's cheques to ensure that people could carry money safely. A traveller's cheque is a cheque issued by a bank in exchange for money, in the name of the traveller. It can be encashed only by that person through his signature. Can you name the travel agent who thought of this smart idea?

Steam engines were first used to pump water from the mines. The first really efficient steam engine was designed by a Scottish engineer in the 1760s. Who was he?

This revolver was invented in 1835 but was first used by the American army in 1846. A revolver is a kind of a pistol which has a revolving cylinder. A number of shots can be fired from it without reloading. Who invented it?

A razor is a device for removing hair from the skin. In 1901, an American invented the safety razor which had a thin steel blade protected by a guard. Who invented it?

The escalator was invented in 1894. It is a moving stairway which can carry more people than the elevator. It, however, occupies more space. We usually find escalators at public places like airports, stations and big departmental stores. Who invented it?

Dynamite is a substance that explodes. Miners use dynamite to blow up rocks, in order to access minerals. It was invented by a Swedish scientist in 1867. Who was it?

We send Christmas cards to our family, friends and relatives on Christmas. An Englishman sent the first Christmas card in 1843. Can you name him?

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