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How much you know about science?

So you think you know your science? Find out how much you know about environment, human bodies, animals, birds. Try some of these science quizzes and find out!

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Animal Talk

Animal Talk

Each animal has its special way of communicating – through sounds. So take a guess about animal talk.

A Quiz about Human Body

Click here to test your knowledge about the different organs of the body. [A sciene quiz for children about human body]

The Living Body

As children we have a lot of queries about our body. Sometimes we get the answers sometimes we don’t. Check out this quiz, it may be able to answer some of those queries.

Animal Quiz - 1

You’ll be surprised and tickled to know how some animals behave! Each one has its unique feature, which distinguishes itself from the others. These ‘funny facts’ are given to you and all you have to do is guess the name of the animal. [A sciene quiz for children about animals]

Call them Together

When there is one of them we call it by its name but when they are in a group we give them a special name. Let’s take a look at a few of the animal groups.


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