What is it that makes every child remember Bugs Bunny? Its toothy smile of course! All rabbits have huge buck teeth in front, and with good reason. Being vegetarians they have to make a meal of leaf, grass, or vegetable.

The plants, on their part, are very smart. Over a period of time they have developed ways of protecting their leaves from such animals, for they need leaves to make their own food.

Why Do Rabbits have Buck Teeth? []
Why Do Rabbits have Buck Teeth? []

They have many ways of dealing with animals such as rabbits: they have thorns and needles, or their leaves have certain chemicals that weaken the teeth of chewing animals. So much so that the animal may die because it is no longer able to chew food.

Rabbits do not face any such problem. Their front teeth grow as long as they live. The upper teeth are raised. With these sharp-edged teeth they find it easy to cut grass stems.

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