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In a Minute
In a Minute []
There’s a flower found in the jungles of Africa that changes its colour seven times in one minute! It is known as the ‘Rainbow’ by the people there.

Light travels a distance of 18,00,00,000 kilometres in one minute, which means 30,00,000 kilometres in a second!

There’s a fish found in the waters of the Amazon river which can gulp down 250 fish, big and small, in one minute!

The Red-faced monkey can make 8 jumps of 3 metres each in one minute!

The fastest flying bird is the Swift, which can fly a distance of 322 kilometres in one hour, that is, 5.3 kilometres in a minute!

A spider can spin a thread 6 metres long in a minute!

An atom bomb can destroy an area of 44,000 square kilometres in a minute!

In Brazil, there’s a storm which blows at the rate of 170 kilometers per minute!

Translated from “Ek Minute Mein” (From National Book Trust’s Bulletin, September 1998)