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Who wants to carry a bulky bag to school? Not children. Nobody wants one shoulder to be lower than the other, and paining too. In India, most of us would look at the reduction of textbooks as a way out. But in a country like America, there are always more options. A company called goReader has created a “school bag” which is the size of a laptop computer, weighing about 2.5 kg. The goReader has a colour screen and can “hold” all the textbooks that a student may need, says a report in ‘The Asian Age’ newspaper.

And Now, Schoolbags Online
And Now, Schoolbags Online [Illustration by Kusum Chamoli]
The company plans to work closely with the publishers of textbooks so that these books can be supplied on the internet. All the students will have to do is download their text- books. Making notes and highlighting important parts of a lesson can be done just as generations of students have done on their textbooks.

At present, the project is being tested out in a university. Richard Katzmann, the founder of the company is having his creation tested at Chicago’s DePaul University, where he studied. Does that mean it is goodbye to the crackle of brand new paper, and the smell of the black ink?