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Dinosaur eggs Found in Patagonia

The film Jurassic Park is peanuts compared to this: Last month, Argentine scientists found thousands of dinosaur eggs in hundreds of nests at Patagonia. A report in the journal New Scientist says that it is the biggest nesting site of dinosaurs found thus far. Each nest contained 15 to 30 eggs the size of a grapefruit each. The eggs contained bones of titanosaurs which would have weighed about 15 tonnes when fully grown.

Close to 100 million years old dinosaur egg. Displayed at University of Zurich. bestimagesevercom / Shutterstock.com

Like several birds today, the dinosaurs also had communal nesting sites, or nests at the same place. The scientists say that the “vegetarian” dinosaurs had large families but very few of their children would have reached adulthood. The carnivorous dinosaurs would have found it easier to chase the little ones than the big plant-eating adults.