There is good news for those who love splashing around in rain puddles and don’t want to get their clothes dirtied. Or those who play soccer but don’t want their shirts to get soiled or wet with sweat. British scientists have created a fabric that never gets dirty or wet!

Evergreen Clothes [Illustration by Sudheer Nath]
Evergreen Clothes [Illustration by Sudheer Nath]

The cloth is treated with a special non-sticky chemical that repels grease and water. This ensures that the clothes remain squeaky clean. But the scientists are not yet ready to make public the formula of this “miracle” chemical, says a report in ‘The Times of India’ newspaper.

A well known French company recently launched a new range of jackets that have Teflon in them. Teflon is the plastic coating on non-stick pans that we use in our kitchens. The material has a special characteristic: it does not react to anything. It does not form bonds with other molecules, like grease or water. As a result, dirt and water slip away from the teflon fabric, as easily as a parantha slips out of a Teflon-coated pan.

American scientists have gone a step further. They have integrated insecticide in the textile fibre that kills mosquitoes on contact. This new anti-mosquito fabric found immediate buyers. According to reports, several mosquito net manufacturers are trying to outdo each other in the bid to ‘net’ a contract with the company for use of this new technology.

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