Ginger has always been an essential part of most Indian kitchens and grandmothers’ medicine boxes. This spice has been used to treat the feeling of vomiting and indigestion. Now the Western world has also discovered the wonderful qualities of ginger. They see it as a powerful medicine against nausea across the world.

Ginger, the new wonder medicine
Ginger, the new wonder medicine

In India, grandmothers have known all along that the juice squeezed from ginger mixed with lime juice can stop one from feeling like vomiting. Since the taste is not very appealing, especially to children, jaggery or gur is often used to mask the strong taste of ginger. Then it is no longer a medicine, but a sweetmeat that everyone likes to eat!

And now, British scientists are conducting six studies on the spice’s effect on various types of nausea, including seasickness and sickness caused in the treatment of cancer. Already, the studies have begun to show results. Scientists have found that those who took a tablet containing the juice of ginger every day, felt much better than those who took allopathic medicines that are available in chemist shops. After the results are made final, companies will manufacture it as a herbal medicine.

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