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Science news for kids brings to you exciting science features on discoveries and inventions from across the world, from path-breaking to the unusual, written with the objective of making science accessible to children. We carry news about research on weather, animals, science, environment, earth, health, living beings, astronomy, and more. From roads of jute to new moons and mobile phone bugs. Fun science for children at its best.

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Road of Jute

Road of Jute

You must have seen jute rugs, jute dolls, even jute clothes. But, have you seen, or even heard of jute roads? A research centre in Calcutta, the National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology (NIRJAFT), is planning to make a road with jute.

When a Cat Preys for Lunch

When a Cat Preys for Lunch

Many people have always believed that animals hunting for prey always catch the ones that are young, old or sick. For it would be difficult for those creatures to escape a predator’s hold. Till now there was no actual proof of this fact.

A Smelly New World on the Web

Every time you blink, someone is forming an Internet company somewhere in the world. That is the pace at which the Internet fever has caught on with people. They could be young college students with dreams of making a fortune or middle-aged individuals trying to lure the goddess of wealth.

Distress Signals the Leafy Way

Distress Signals the Leafy Way

Wondered how plants talk to each other? They do not have the same language as humans but they have their own ways. Recent research by scientists at Kyoto University, Japan, describes how the Lima bean plant protects itself and its neighbours from the spider mite or the red spider.

This One is For your Eyes Only

Any mention of the word ‘zari’ may remind you of the heavily embroidered Banaras silk sarees that your mother, sister or aunts may have. Embroidering silk sarees with zari, or golden and silver wrapping on silk threads, is an old and well known art in India.

A Train of Villages on the Net

Most people have fond memories of train journeys, though some have unpleasant ones of being left behind at a station, while they waited for a steaming cup of tea or coffee. Many film directors, too, have been fond of shooting action-packed or emotional scenes at railway stations.


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