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Why does the Sun follow You?

Why does the Sun follow You?
Have you ever noticed that when you are in a car, or a bus, travelling on a straight road, the Sun appears to move right along with you?While telephone poles and trees close to the road, whiz past in the blink of an eye, the Sun is always visible throughout the journey. No matter how fast Daddy drives, you...

A Film on Anne Frank

March 14: Anne Frank was a teenager when the Second World War broke out. And as Hitler's Nazi Germany chillingly went about targeting Jews with death, her life changed beyond recognition. She lived in hiding for a while but was caught out and put in a concentration camp, where she died.When in hiding, the young girl had kept a...

This Time Teachers are the Students

August 12: About 55,000 teachers in West Bengal are going back to school. They are going to be taught English so that they can teach the language to their students.The West Bengal government has realised that most primary school teachers in the state do not know the ABC of English. Rather, they don't remember.The reason is not hard to...